Our Values

  1. High Quality

    Quality is built into the processes for producing our products providing safety and high standards. Goods excellence control by manufacturer, sustainability, competitive advantages of ongoing business effort - is a clear vision of the Vertograd Juice company.

  2. Partnership

    Certain requirements of cooperation, mostly moral decision making interpersonally sensitive to circumstances and strict professional ethics - base trustful, durable long-term business relations.

  3. Successful Innovation in Natural Products

    New Technology, Rare Eco Friendly Raw Materials, originally hail from the Carpathian Mountains and the Vertograg Manufacture Experience supply required Product Exclusiveness to our Partners.

  4. Social Responsibility

    Company keynote approach to the environmentally friendly manufacturing presupposes Wood and Waste Burning and Incineration Technology Implementation at the factory.

Quality control system


Three production unts

Production capacity
Kyiv region
- apple juice 5000 t
- cloudy 65% brix JC
- red fruits concentrated juices 1000 t
- puree 3000 t
- NFC juices 1000 t 1000 t
- apple pomace 1000 t
- storehouse 3000 t



Vertograd Juice Orchards:

- apple 250 ha

- raspberry 15 ha

- strawberry 10 ha



111A, Shevchenka st.,
79000 Lviv, Ukraine

+38 067 313 72 32